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Date updated: May 8, 2019

Alarm System or Medical Alert System



Lets an individual summon help at any time of the day or night (even if they can’t speak). Lifeline also supplies systems that can increase independence and safety.

  • HomeSafe: Designed for people who spend much of their time at home and want to be able to access emergency help at any time by a push of the button
  • AutoAlert: An excellent choice for those with a history, risk or fear of falling. This button monitors motion and movement to detect falls
  • GoSafe: Mobile Personal Help Button. At-risk patients who want to remain active and independent can have peace of mind at home or on the go
  • Lifeline with Wandering: NEW – Designed for family members or others supporting someone who can live independently but also: has a tendency to wander, gets lost easily and gets confused in crowds
  • Main office is open for extended hours on EST time – 1-888-220-7323


Philips Lifeline is the only medical alarm company that has local representatives. Free home presentations may be available in your area to learn about Lifeline in the comfort of your home.

Contact your local Lifeline Community Representative: Catherine Connolly 709-728-4245 or 1-800-387-8120 ext. 7057 (Toll Free)
Philips Lifeline Customer Service – Toll Free at 1-888-220-7323

Brochure is available at: T:\Information and Referral\Services for Seniors: Lifeline with wandering feature.pdf


Caretrak enables independence with a direct connection to the senior’s care contact or the 24/7 emergency response centre where and when it’s needed.

  • With one push of the SOS button, the senior can speak directly to their chosen primary caregiver (two-way call).
  • Their address is automatically tracked via GPS and text/email alerts are sent to all of their contacts.
  • Fall detection is also available.

Caretrak uniquely offers two response options:

  • Family Response
  • Emergency Response

Caretrak Family Response can be used for less urgent concerns such as a minor injury or being lost – situations where emergency 911 assistance isn’t immediately required.

  • A two-way call is made while the GPS location is sent via text/email alerts to primary and multiple care contact(s).
  • With inbound check-in calling, anyone can call the unit keeping everyone connected.
  • The device is assigned a unique phone number.

Caretrak Emergency Response provides 24 hour medical alert service by a certified emergency response centre.

  • The two-way call and GPS location information is sent to the certified 24/7 response centre.
  • In an emergency, ambulance and emergency responders will be contacted.
  • At the same time, multiple care contacts are notified via text/email alerts.
  • Contact(s) on this profile will be notified by phone in an emergency.

Check out the “How it Works” video at

1-855-333-3381 Toll free



A mobile medical alert device with auto fall detection.

  • Has GPS location that uses every mobile network though-out Canada.
  • During an emergency and fall, the pendant calls up to 5 emergency contacts one by one (including 911).
  • Also sends up to 5 help messages via text.
  • Text has a link to Google maps showing the pendant user’s location to within two meters.
  • There are no monthly monitoring fees ever.
  • No NL representative, but no set-up required.
  • They set up and program the device for you so it Is ready to go when you receive it.
  • It comes ready to wear – ready to go when you receive it.

1-877-801-7172 mobile alarms setup

For more information or to order online, call toll-free: 1-866-205-4872
or email:


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