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Date updated: February 11, 2020

MONTHLY PROGRAM CALENDAR for NorPen Status of Women Council



NorPen Status of Women Council


Women’s Fitness or Walking

Special Days – Snowshoing or Sking



Perfectly Me or Walking


No Programs on Wednesdays

Friendship Café
1:00 to 3:00 pm at the Office


women do have a voice.

DATE: Thursday February 13th at 12:00 pm

Artist Robyn Love makes her presentation on changing what used to silence and torture women into what can now empower them!

Lunch will be provided. door prizes for those in attendance

—  RSVP by 4 pm on Feb 7th call 709-861-4842
or e-mail then at

Sponsored by NorPen Status of Women, ArtsNL, Aboriginal Women’s Circle and Northern Peninsula Band


– No Programs on Fridays


The Office – NorPen Status of Women Council Office
Port Saunders Town Centre, Room # 32
The Gym – Gymnasium of the Port Saunders Town Centre

For questions regarding programming, please contact our
Program Coordinator, Nicole Bursey at: (709) 861-4842


WALKING: Takes place in the gymnasium of the Port Saunders Town Centre. All inclusive! All Welcomed
FRIENDSHIP CAFÉ: Come by anytime between 1:00 and 3:00 pm for a beverage, treat and a relaxing chat in our calming office space!
WOMEN’S FITNESS: For Women of all ages! Come out and take part in some different exercises at your own pace (comfort of office space)
PERFECTLY ME: We are all about building women’s self-esteem! Women join together in the NorPen office for a program all about YOU!
CRAFT CORNER: Drop by the NorPen office and do a craft with us! Ladies get together and have fun!

MONTHLY PROGRAM CALENDAR for NorPen Status of Women Council


Regions:  Port Saunders

Categories:  Family / Friends    Seniors    Service Providers

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