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Date updated: January 6, 2021


Snow Angels Carbonear BACCALIEU TRAIL


Are you a senior or person with a disability from the Baccalieu Trail Area and Need a Little Extra help this Winter (Snow Clearing)?

SNOW ANGELS – a NEW program from Carbonear Food Bank, Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Carbonear.

The Snow Angels Program – will pair those who need a little extra help in the winter months (snow clearing) with a local volunteer willing to help.

Seniors and persons with disabilities would avail of this service.

CONTACT Telephone: 596-5945
Kaitlin Clarke, Communications and Outreach Coordinator


Contact Kaitlin and ask for a Client Application and a comprehensive discussion of Questions often asked and Answers provided by the Snow Angels Matching Program (especially concerning the risks involved).

Matches will depend on the availability of interested volunteers and clients in the same area.

The goal of Snow Angels is to ensure that seniors, along with anyone with a disability that prevents them from snow clearing, will not become completely isolated in the winter months.

Carbonear Food Bank serves an area of around 300 kilometers from Carbonear to Bay de Verde on the Conception Bay side and from Bay de Verde to Whitbourne on the Trinity Bay side (about 70 towns).


Snow Angels Carbonear BACCALIEU TRAIL

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