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Date updated: January 28, 2019


Webinar – Reframing the Conversation on Elder Abuse


Join a free online video lecture on how to effectively re-frame the way we talk about elder abuse with the public.

The Course Starts NOW

Use the discount code: WEAAD2018 to allow the course to be 100% free.

FrameWorks Academy presents this course for free until next June 15, 2019.

For nearly two decades, FrameWorks research has demonstrated that effective communications can help to engage the public in conversations about complex social issues  – such as the causes and consequences of elder abuse and the social policies and programs that can prevent its occurrence and improve the lives of older people …

Here advocates will present  a communication strategy and a toolkit that they have developed and tested.

Link Below:

Reframing the Conversation on Elder Abuse

Webinar – Reframing the Conversation on Elder Abuse

Tue, Sep. 11, 2018 -

Categories:  Family / Friends    Seniors

Topics:  elder abuse    Professional Development

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