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Date updated: July 11, 2019

There are probably lots of questions running through your mind and you have no idea where to begin and what you need. We are here to help.


What can your employer offer you while you are providing care?

Do you have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

Does your employer offer flex-time, family leave days or other support?

Are you entitled to benefits or insurance?


What support is available in your community?

Urban: Large urban centres can offer more programs and services.

Rural: In many rural communities neighbours usually help neighbours, and supportive community groups can be available as well. These can be valuable resources for caregivers; but not all caregivers and care-receivers experience this closeness or support. For others, there is a need for privacy. They do not want to share what is happening in their homes with neighbours or seek the support of community groups. Each person and family has to decide what is best for them.

Issues: No matter where one lives, caregivers and their care-receivers may experience: isolation; transportation problems; lack of appropriate or sufficient programs; and/or differences in health-care services that are available.

How to get help: There may be help available you are not aware of.

A first step is you can do is check around your community to see what is available. Speak with your family doctor or public nurse.

Ask about caregiver support groups, volunteer services, caregiving literature, a ‘meals on wheels’ service, medical services, home support services, respite services, assisted living facilities, personal care homes and workers, nursing homes, retirement homes, etc.

You can also contact us anytime. We are here to help to connect you with the resources and support you need.



Municipalities offering tax breaks for seniors who own their own homes.  The municipalities are listed in alphabetical order. (Select Heading to access list).

Please note: not every town and city is listed and not every town and city provides discounts. If where you live is not listed, please contact your local council office and ask if they do offer tax breaks.


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