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Date updated: September 4, 2019

CNPEA Project Update – Access to Justice for Older Victims of Sexual Assault

UPDATE: Access to Justice for older victims of sexual assault, a project of Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (CNPEA)

Project funded by the Justice Canada Victims Fund
Full title: “Increasing Access to Justice for Older Adult Victims of Sexual Assault: A Capacity Building Approach”

Project timeline: April 1, 2017 – March 31, 2020

Outcomes: New training and learning for service providers. CNPEA will gather, curate and synthesize an up-to-date array of resources and materials on the hub about sexual assault of older adults and sexual assault of older adults who also are disabled.

Resources will include:

  • 6 training webinars
  • Materials outlining the unique needs of older adult victims of sexual assault, and older adult victims who have cognitive or physical disabilities
  • Information and materials about relevant sexual assault laws and criminal justice processes
  • Information and materials about available programs and supports for victims

This project will involve:

  • A comprehensive review of existing resources across Canada
  • Adding resources to the hub. These will be selected based on recommendations by elder abuse experts, including provincial organizations and networks to help us find best practice tools, policies, recent research etc.
  • Providing 2 webinars/year addressing specific knowledge and training gaps identified during our review

Although topics are [To Be Determined], the webinars will meet the following goals:

  • 3 webinars for senior-serving professionals about sexual assault laws and the criminal justice system, and practical tips on assisting older victims.
  • 3 webinars for criminal justice system personnel about the unique needs of older adult victims, including additional barriers they may face due to disability.

How you can help: If you have resources/experts to recommend, get in touch with us today AT benedictes.cnpea @



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