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Date updated: January 16, 2020

Community Warming Centres Can Help You Deal With Massive Power Outages

Do you know where your nearest Community Warming Centre will be?

Community Warming Centres are also called Emergency Warming Centres

Some of these welcome anyone during extreme weather events or power outages.

Others are more temporary in nature and are only opened once there is a massive power outage and once it is safe for people to travel.

In 2014, Warming Centres opened across the island of Newfoundland and Labrador to deal with power outages. During that time the city of St. John`s opened the Foran Room and Memorial University opened a warming centre at a gym on campus. In other towns, there were warming rooms in Community Centres, Youth Centres, Swimming Pools-Centres, Fire Halls, Town Halls, Recreation Centres, Schools and in Bay Roberts – Fire hall and Avalon Wolverines Search and Rescue Centre.

CBC News Online Posted January 4, 2014

So Get Informed and Get Prepared!

1.Call your local Town Hall or Fire Hall today to find out what may be available in an emergency. But also prepare for the time when you are snow bound and cannot travel safely.

2. Call your family, neighbours and friends to check in with each other and make plans. Maybe someone has a wood stove and Storm Chips (with a load of wood and a cleaned pipe).

3. Read a Guide  Get Prepared – Power Outages – What to do? 
This Public Safety Canada Guide will help you …Prepare an Evacuation Plan, put together An Emergency Kit…

4. The Canadian Red Cross has helpful articles like – Make an emergency plan

5. Keep in Touch with what is going on – through Radio, Online, social media

Check out CBC’s online Storm Centre Newfoundland or Storm Centre Labrador for

VOCM Weather

6. Most Towns opening a Warming Room would let their residents know by Radio (VOCM or CBC …) website, social media –  facebook and twitter.


Note: This is not meant to be an exhaustive list.

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