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Date updated: July 10, 2019

Memory Care Kits – A new project to share

Community Grant Highlight – Memory Care Kits

Excerpts from the Western Regional Wellness Coalition Summer 2019 Newsletter

Corner Brook Public Library’s Memory Care Kits are designed for the caregiver whose loved one is experiencing memory loss.
Each kit includes a self-help book for the caregiver and a list of other books on the topic of memory loss for further reading. A list of community-based and online resources and organizations is also included.

Currently, there are a total of nine kits each with their own unique theme.

The Memory Care Kits will be available for check out starting July 10th and can be borrowed for three weeks.

If you would like more information or if you’d like to fund a Memory Care Kit to add to the Corner Brook Public Library’s collection, or another library within the Western Region, please contact Natasha Wells, Regional Librarian, at 634-7368 or


The Western Regional Wellness Coalition and the Alzheimer Society of Newfoundland
and Labrador supported this project.

Topics:  Health

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