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Date updated: May 30, 2019

Top 7 Garage Safety Hazards that You Shouldn’t Be Ignoring

Why are garage safety hazards not given the attention they’re due? The garage is heavily used and conducive to safety hazards if proper care isn’t taken. Some of these tips can apply to arctic entries or mud rooms. American article containing very general information.


Get involved with the Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (CNPEA).  Sign up for a free CNPEA membership by filling out the form (see web address below). Being a member entitles you to receive CNPEA updates via ONE monthly newsletter along with other rights.   You can subscribe and unsubscribe easily, we do not share…

Western Regional Wellness Coalition – Winter 2019 Newsletter

Inside, learn about the New Canada’s Food Guide, find out about recent community and school grant projects, and try the feature recipe. Select the link below to read all about it.

Caregiver’s Guide: A Handbook About End-of-Life Care

Caregiver Guide: A Handbook About End-of-Life Careversions hard copy or pdf Author(s): Karen Macmillan et al. File: CHPCA caregivers_guide_2015_en.pdf Publisher: The Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem & CHPCA Year: 2015 Description: This book has helpful information for those providing care to loved ones dealing with a life-limiting illness, particularly in…

8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Stair Lift. Caring Village

Caring Village presents – 8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Stair Lift. The User’s Mobility The Type or design of Staircase – Straight rail stair lift or Curved model depending upon design of stairlift and mobility. Budget – Straight rail models are definitely much more affordable than curved rail models.. Size of Seat/ Weight…

The Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging Report

The Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging released their first report on health and aging in Canada. The report presents key findings on a range of aging issues based on information provided by more than 50,000 participants. The Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA) Report on Health and Aging in Canada tells us that: •95% of…

Canada Food Guide

Canada Food Guide Snapshot Canada`s Food Guide – Eat well. Live well. Eat a variety of foods every day. Have plenty of vegetable and fruit (half the plate) Choose whole grain foods (one quarter of the plate) Eat Protein Foods (one quarter of the plate) Make water your drink of choice

Sex over Fifty: Best Sex in Years (AIDS Committee NL)

Normalizing sexuality is one of the purposes of the AIDS Committee NL (ACNL). The Aging Working Group’s vision: to help our aging population become more comfortable about talking about their sexual health with their partners, their physicians and health professionals. Booklets are available in hard copy at ACNL or online (as a blog attached to…

10 Signs a Senior May Be in Trouble

Seniors do not often ask for help. provides 10 signs that seniors may be in trouble and may need help. Household bills piles up Reluctance to leave the house Declining personal hygiene Losing interest in preparing/eating meals Decline in driving skills Signs of scorched pots and pans Symptoms of depression Missed doctors’ appointments and…

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