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Date updated: January 11, 2019

10 Signs a Senior May Be in Trouble

Seniors do not often ask for help. provides 10 signs that seniors may be in trouble and may need help. Household bills piles up Reluctance to leave the house Declining personal hygiene Losing interest in preparing/eating meals Decline in driving skills Signs of scorched pots and pans Symptoms of depression Missed doctors’ appointments and…

12 Ways to Create an Empowering Dementia Environment

Crisis Prevention Inc.`s certified instructor, Beverley Moore posted a blog on May 10, 2016, 12 Ways to Create an Empowering Dementia Environment. Here are a few tips: Speak face to face, no more that three feet away from the person. Being on her left side helps activate her social right brain. Do not argue; you will lose.…

5 Key Tips-for-Memory-Care-Success.

Crisis Prevention Institute, Inc.`s free guide will help service providers determine their care philosophies and decide on the program design elements to meet those attitudes. Just fill out the form and start building or enhancing a powerful dementia care program.

Age-Friendly Communication Facts, Tips, and Ideas

This guide offers practical and easy-to-follow advice, tips and additional sources of information to help you communicate clearly and effectively. Plain language, good  design and materials that are easy to use and understand are valued by everyone.  Know your audience and to communicate effectively.

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