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Date updated: January 16, 2020


3 WAYS TO RESPOND WHEN SOMEONE WITH ALZHEIMER’S SAYS I WANT TO GO HOME This article is from Daily Caring- click here to go to the article on their website Hearing someone say “I want to go home” over and over again is something Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers often deal with. It’s especially frustrating to hear when they’re already home. But…

Who handles the finances in your household?

Does only one spouse or partner handle the family finances? If only one person knows about the accounts, bills, investments, and taxes, and that person becomes incapacitated, the partner now needs take over in the midst of potential tragedy. Imagine if you’re the finance and bill owner and you die. You not only leave your…

How is Your Balance? 3 Easy Exercises

Poor balance can make you dizzy and unsteady on your feet. It can also cause you to do things like miss a stair step, bump into furniture, or trip over the family pet. In the worst situations, stumbles can lead to falls and potentially serious injuries. Falling can definitely be a concern if you live…


Make the kitchen safer for seniors Health conditions like arthritis, low vision, frailty, stroke, or dementia can make everyday tasks challenging for older adults. With heat, liquids, and knives, working in the kitchen can be especially dangerous. We found 10 simple kitchen aids for seniors that increase safety, prevent accidents, and help them stay independent longer. Being able to perform…

Eating and Drinking Well in Later Life

Is this me? Whether you are slim or bigger (even if you are seemingly overweight, you can still be malnourished), it’s not good to lose weight without meaning to. It’s easy for weight to drop off without noticing. Significant, unintended weight loss makes you more likely to get ill or have a fall and can…

ANC Programs. Outreach ESL Tutor Program

Are you a Permanent Resident, Canadian Citizen, or Provincial Nominee living outside St. John’s looking for ESL training? As part of this program, one-on-one tutoring is offered in 10-week sessions for 5 hours per week, for a total of fifty (50) hours of tutoring. The instruction varies based on language and literacy level. Contact the…

ANC Programs. LINC Home Study ESL Program

The Association of New Canadians offers a distance Home Study “English as a Second Language” (ESL) program.  The program is offered to eligible newcomers who wish to improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in English. For more information, check out the brochure at this link or contact Marlene at (709) 726-6848 or


NAR-ANON is a 12-step recovery program for those who know or have known a feeling of desperation concerning the addiction problem of someone very near to you. There are many meetings in Newfoundland and Labrador.  This link will help you find a meeting close to you

New Hope Al-ANON

The New Hope AL-ANON group is a 12-step recovery program for relatives and friends of alcoholics. There are many meetings  in Newfoundland and Labrador. There are also meetings online.. This link will help you find a meeting closest to you.

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