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Date updated: April 3, 2020

Frauds and Scams- 5 tips during COVID-19

5 Tips to protect yourself from COVID-19 Related Fraud and Scams. Never click on links or attachments in unsolicited or suspicious emails Never give out your personal or financial information by email, text or phone Note that financial institutions like your bank will never ask you to give personal, login or account information by text…

Sepsis- What do I need to know?

Sepsis can and does affect people of all ages. The very young and those who already have a chronic health problem or a compromised immune system are at higher risk of developing sepsis. But people over 65 years old, particularly those who have health issues, are even more susceptible to sepsis than any other group.…


April 1, 2020 – we have created a new page for all options for online and phone grocery shopping PLEASE CLICK HERe TO GO TO THAT PAGE      


SaferMedsNL is changing the way we use medications in Newfoundland and Labrador Did you know Newfoundland and Labrador uses more medications than anywhere else in Canada? SaferMedsNL wants to change this by sparking conversations between patients and healthcare professionals to ensure medications are continued when necessary and stopped when they are no longer needed. Click…

Medication Brochure: Should I be taking this Sleeping Pill?

If you use sleeping pills you might want to ask the question “should I still be taking this sleeping pill?” Click the link for SaferMedsNL’s patient brochure on sleeping pills then speak with your pharmacist, doctor, or nurse on the best option for you. click here to get the brochure


3 WAYS TO RESPOND WHEN SOMEONE WITH ALZHEIMER’S SAYS I WANT TO GO HOME This article is from Daily Caring- click here to go to the article on their website Hearing someone say “I want to go home” over and over again is something Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers often deal with. It’s especially frustrating to hear when they’re already home. But…

Who handles the finances in your household?

Does only one spouse or partner handle the family finances? If only one person knows about the accounts, bills, investments, and taxes, and that person becomes incapacitated, the partner now needs take over in the midst of potential tragedy. Imagine if you’re the finance and bill owner and you die. You not only leave your…

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