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Date updated: November 28, 2019

Huddol – Platform run by the Canadian Caregiver Network (CCN)

Huddol – Learn from the wisdom of the Huddol community. Huddol is a platform run by the Canadian Caregiver Network (“CCN”), a registered non-profit organization in Montreal, Canada. Huddol is for people over 13 years of age. Find help. Offer help. Collaborate with health professionals and people like you to problem solve and share helpful…

CULTURAL SENSITIVITY WORKSHOP offered by the Newfoundland Aboriginal Women’s Network

The Newfoundland Aboriginal Women’s Network (NAWN) offers cultural sensitivity workshops to all service providers, stakeholders and/or organizations offering services and programs. This workshop focuses on identifying with and respecting various cultures. It also introduces some traditional Mi’kmaq culture and teachings. This workshop is open to all groups free of charge. For more information or to…

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