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Date updated: July 22, 2019

Gathering Place (St. John’s)

The  Gathering Place programs and services are offered primarily to people who are homeless or live in less than desirable housing conditions, people who are seeking respite from poverty or isolation and people who are often unemployed and to people who do not have adequate social supports at this time in their lives. The Gathering Place welcomes about 300 to 400 people (aged 25 and older) every day.
Through collaborative efforts, guests of The Gathering Place may avail of the following programs:

Nourishment – Food and Social: Noon meal program; Coffee station in social area; Group activities; Informal social activities (in a safe space); Designated area for women guests; Art classes, craft sessions and other creative pursuits.

Personal Care and Health Care: Access to showers for those who need them; Foot Care; Hair Care; Laundry service with the use of three washers/dryers;  Access to sewing services;  Home Support Program; Weekly services of nurses (6 days), Doctors (4 days) and social workers (AESL);   Coming Soon: Free Dental Clinic; Advocacy with government and health/social agenciesAnnual Flu Clinic
Elevator and other aids to enable people with disabilities to access services.

Skill Building: Access to computers and computer training sessions and Literacy Program (Teachers on Wheels); Annual Income Tax Clinic
Warming Centre – will serve as a community warming centre to ALL residents of St. John’s during times of extended power loss.


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