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Date updated: November 6, 2018

Right Here, Right Now: A Women Centred Drop-In Counselling program (St. John’s Women’s Centre) 

Please note:  The counselling clinic at St. John’s Women’s Centre will only have two counsellors available this week so wait times may be longer usual November 6th and 7th 2018.


Right Here, Right Now drop-in counselling clinic is now open on Tuesdays until 7 p.m. (and Wednesdays until 5 pm)

The St. John’s Women’s Centre offers Right here, Right now, Single-Session Counselling program for women

When: Tuesdays 12-7pm and Wednesdays 12-5pm

Elibility: FREE counselling for any woman in community. No referral or Appointment necessary.

Where: The Women’s Centre – 170 Cashin Avenue Extension, St John’s , NL

With no or very little wait time; sessions can be up to one hour with an experienced counsellor.


To meet the need for women-centred mental health services and support women while they wait for other services.


For information call: 709-753-0220

For women who are deaf, text: 709-770-4312 (Women’s centre can respond Monday to Friday from 8:30-4:30pm)


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