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Date updated: June 17, 2019

Webinar – Crimes against Seniors: Financial Abuse – June 13th

Studies show that as many as one in five older adults has been impacted by some form of financial abuse, scam or harm. We all can play a meaningful role in preventing these crimes by having bigger conversations to raise awareness.

The NL Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse was pleased to record its webinar of June 13, 2019, as part of the year’s World Elder Abuse Awareness Day events. Crimes against Seniors: Financial Abuse was presented by Mr. Leo Bonnell in partnership between SeniorsNL and the Retired Bankers Association. Mr. Bonnell drew on his expertise in the financial industry to highlight some of the common forms of financial abuse and discuss potential measures to prevent them. As Mr. Bonnell states, “Elder abuse is real. If you think it is not happening in your community, think again.” Mr. Bonnell is also a member of the NL Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse and a Community Peer Support Volunteer with SeniorsNL.


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