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Date updated: July 28, 2020

updated July 28, 2020

The deadline to submit your taxes has been extended to September and interest relief offered.

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Canada Revenue Agency Videos for Newcomers Are you a newcomer to Canada? This video shows newcomers how the Canadian tax system works and what Canada does with the taxes we pay. It also gives a quick overview of why a newcomer should file, where to get help when filing taxes, and the resources available so you can learn to prepare and file taxes yourself.  
Free tax clinics are generally offered between March and April across Canada; some are even open year-round. Find a tax preparation clinic in your area.  
The Office of the Taxpayers' Ombudsman (OTO)  operates at arms length from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Taxpayers can make complaints to this office in response to individual service by CRA.  Contact  at 1-866-586-3839 (Canada and the United States) or    
Taxpayers may receive communications from someone who claims to be from the CRA. These con artists request the taxpayer's personal information such as a social insurance number, credit card number, bank account number, or passport number. This resource from CRA provides examples of fraudulent (deceitful or dishonest) communications through phone, online, mail, e-mail, text message. It also provides guidelines to the taxpayers to help identify communications not from the CRA .  

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