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Date updated: May 1, 2018


Your health can change on a dime. Sometimes it is best to prepare for changes in your health and sometimes things happen so fast it is hard to make sense of it all.

Here are some resources for you. If you want, call and talk to a Peer Support Volunteer on our Information Line. These SeniorsNL volunteers are available to assist you to connect to needed services.

We are here to help you make an informed decision.

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Other and Additional Links

This for-profit business offers Active Aging Coaching by a person trained in Active Aging through Canadian Fitness Professional Association. An Active Age Coach works with you to improve your quality of life as you age so that you will continue to be an engaged and healthy community member. There are seven dimensions of personal wellness to consider: Emotional, intellectual, physical, vocational, social, spiritual, and environmental.  You can receive a free consultation upon request. 1-709-691-7103  or
AGE-WELL is a national research and innovation network.  A wide range of partners work together to create technologies and services that benefit older adults. They promote the conversion of an idea or invention into a good or service that may satisfy a need or improves a life. Check out this dynamic network.
The Canadian Coalition for Seniors’ Mental Health main focus areas are: Delirium; Depression ; Long-term Care (mental health issues are common among seniors in LTC); Suicide Prevention. This site presents: Tools for seniors (pamphlets), their families, for Clinicians (pocket card and/or CCSMH National Guidelines) and Tools for Educators (power point slides)
Central Intake provides clients, families and others with one central phone number to call directly for information and self-referral to various mental health and addictions services in the St. John’s region (709) 752-8888.  
Dietitians of Canada works with members to raise the profile of the profession. The Seniors page provides posts on  healthy eating such as Shopping for One or Two (Planning), Eating Alone, and Cooking for One or Two.
The Hope for Wellness Help Line offers immediate help to all Indigenous people in Canada. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer: counselling crisis intervention Call the toll-free Help Line at 1-855-242-3310 or connect to the online chat at (not on the site). Telephone and online counselling are available in English and French. If you ask, telephone counselling is also available in: Cree,  Ojibway, and Inuktitut Ask counsellors to work with you to find other wellness supports that are accessible near you..  
As their event, "The Big Tea" indicates, Independent Age is a United Kingdom site.  Contact numbers, events, language, and many resources are specific to Great Britain and Northern Ireland. There are other resources available on the site. Advice Guides, Factsheets & Leaflets are free to download and printed copies are available for a price.
The mental health and addiction system in NL is complex and difficult to navigate?  It is often difficult to find Information on and contact to resources needed. Regionally, health authorities different slightly and community supports vary. The Mental Health and Addictions Provincial Systems Navigator helps improve the client’s mental health journey by increasing knowledge/awareness; identifying and addressing system barriers and improving coordination among services, ensuring continuity of care across services. If you need assistance in navigating the MHA system, contact Barry Hewitt by phone at 752-3916 or 1-877-999-7589 or by email at
CRITICAL CUSTOMER NOTIFICATION PROGRAM Hydro’s Critical Customer Notification Program helps identify customers that provide essential services (i.e. hospitals) and also individuals who use electrically operated life-supporting equipment in their home. In advance of planned power outages, NL Hydro will make every effort to contact customers on the Critical Care Notification list, so that they are informed and prepared.  
Stay Informed with Outage Alerts Newfoundland Power will send Texts and/or emails directly to you when an outage is affecting your neighbourhood. This is in addition to our other forms of outage communications such as website and telephone. It’s Easy To Sign Up Phone: Sign up for text alerts Online: Log into your Newfoundland Power My Account to sign up for text and/or email Outage Alerts. NOTE: If you do not have a My Account login, you can create one using your account number and meter number.
Online Tools for Mental Health: An Overview of the BreathingRoom Program and Bridge the gApp.  NL residents have access to several online tools, which aim to support mental wellness and recovery. Format: Webinar (held and recorded on March 15, 2018) Presenters: Dr. Badrid Rickhi, Canadian Institute for Natural and Integrated Medicine (CINIM) AB; Susanne Heaton, Marketing Consultant CINIM; Heather Thomas, Executive Director CINIM Niki Legge (Moderator), e-Mental Health Manager with the Department of Health and Community Services   REGISTER TO VIEW Please note, we had presenters from Alberta, present on this webinar and the beginning portion of the webinar we were testing their audio and video set up to ensure the session went smoothly. HINT: Feel free to fast-forward to 26 minutes for the start of the official presentation.
Access to Sexual Health services is a concern for seniors.  Planned Parenthood-NL Sexual Health Centre clinics,  inclusive and safe spaces for all adults, are staffed by caring professionals and medical professionals.  Sexual Health Clinics for: pap testing; breast exams; screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs); trans health; testicular exams; and planned parenthood. The sexual health clinics operate on an appointment only basis; there are no walk-in clinics. Call us to book an appointment at (709) 579-1009 or 1-877-666-9847 Toll free Email:
Find a Service Canada Office will help you find services close to your home. Search by Postal code, City, or Browse by Province  or Territory.  
Veteran Emergency Fund  The health and well-being of Veterans involves multiple factors that go well beyond the scope of traditional health services and benefits. The new fund would provide Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) with the flexibility needed to financially assist Veterans and their families quickly and efficiently in their time of urgent need. The Veteran Emergency Fund will be in place to ensure the overall well-being of Veterans and their families as a short-term support mechanism while other longer-term support arrangements are made. It would be available to any Canadian Veteran, or their spouse/common law partner, orphan or survivor living in Canada whose well-being is at risk as a result of an urgent or unexpected situation. Contact VAC at 1-866-522-2122 (toll-free) Effective Date: This new Fund would be put into place April 1, 2018.
The Violence Prevention Initiative (VPI) is a  multi-departmental government - community partnership. This initiative is working to find long term solutions to violence against those most at risk in our society. Persons at risk include - women, children, youth, older persons, persons with disabilities, Aboriginal women and children and other people who are vulnerable to violence because of their ethnicity, sexual orientation or economic status. The Violence Prevention Initiative is coordinated by the Women's Policy Office. Contact the VPI at or (709) 729-5009.

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