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Date updated: February 21, 2019

For the Home

We hear from seniors all the time looking for information that will help them stay in their home or move.

The 50+ population in NL have the highest home-ownership rates of any province. However, there are also quite a few seniors who are renting or are considering a move to a rental apartment or an institution like a long term care facility (less than 10 percent in NL).

The resources in this section can help seniors stay in their home, repair their home, rent a home, or plan a move.


Select One of the Following Categories for Relevant Resources and Information:


This NLHC web page provides you with links to the following Programs:
  • Rental Housing Program
  • First Time Home-Buyers Program (FHP)
  • Home Energy Savings Program (HESP)
  • Home Modification Program (HMP)
  • Provincial Home Repair Program (PHRP)
Emergency Housing -call: 1-833-724-2444     This is a provincial, 24-hour number. For a senior who is homeless or in immediate danger of being homeless (eg. out on the street the next day). NOTES: 1.The First-time Homebuyer’s Program is currently closed. The FHP has reached its capacity for the 2018 budget year. 2.NLHC is no longer accepting applications for the Home Modification Program as funding has been fully committed for this fiscal year.

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