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Date updated: July 10, 2018



For a brief introduction, check out:

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day June 15  – in the World – Canada – NL


World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Events in NL (June 15)

A. Select this link to see the:

SeniorsNL- sponsored WEAAD2018 grants. Verafin Proud Sponsor 2018

see links to individual events

TYPES OF EVENTS: Learn about Financial abuse of older adults – Game show Style; Lunch, Presentations; Sharing Circle; Music (live band); Resource table (pamphlet); Activity Bag (on Human Rights); List of provincial and local resources for seniors.


B. OTHER WEAAD 2018 Events in NL-sponsored by Communities, organizations, and others

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C. How NL is  highlighting World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Events in NL (June 15)

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