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Date updated: November 9, 2018



We have pulled together information for you that others, like you, have requested over the years.

If there is anything you are looking for that is not listed below, please contact us. SeniorsNL offers an Information and Referral service to help service providers connect their clients to additional services available from other organizations.



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Housing Catalyst Fund -City of St. John’s – application deadline Friday, Nov. 30th

The Housing Catalyst Fund allows the City of St. John’s to be a catalyst for practical and collaborative projects that produce tangible housing solutions for people.

Who Can Apply

Any incorporated group or organization with an affordable housing project or program idea.

Project Start Date 

Anticipated project start date should be within the first three to four months of the new year and applicants can apply for up to $10,000 per project.

Application Deadline

Friday, Nov. 30th

To access the APPLICATION

please click HERE


This Network in the UK is campaigning to end loneliness. As they say, “...nobody who wants company should be without it”. The website features a quick links and resources section and an extensive video Library (the videos do not have closed captioning or oral description).
City of St. John's Non-Profit Housing manage houses and apartments that vary in size from one to four-bedroom units and are available for rent to low income earners based on their family net income. Housing provided by the City falls into three distinct categories:
  1. Lower End of Market Housing (LEMS)
  2. Rent Geared to Income (RGI)
  3. Affordable Housing
-Emergency Housing -call the  mail emergency number at: 1-833-724-2444. This is a provincial, 24-hour number. Eligible: For a senior or other who is homeless or in immediate danger of being homeless (eg. out on the street the next day), call: 1-833-724-2444   This is a provincial, 24-hour Toll Free number. They will help the person connect to a shelter or if needed get a room overnight somewhere, provide taxi fares, and other supports.
Talks about how Aging in Place planning will better prepare seniors to respond to changes as they age so they can live the life they want in the future.
Created by Public Safety Canada, this site offers practical advice on how to prepare your home or workplace for potential emergency situations such as earthquakes, storms or other disasters. Get Prepared includes a downloadable emergency preparedness guide. There are English and French versions of the site
In Labrador Grenfell Health under the  program Community Health, Home and Community Care contains many of  the services referred to as  "Community Supports in the other regions.
  • Home Support
  • Palliative Care
  • Respite Care
  • Special Assistance (SAP)
  • Coordinates financial and needs assessments required for seniors (and others) to access a variety of services (home support, long term care) and
  • Determines eligibility towards supplement toward the cost of living arrangements, home support or other services
  • Supports for "neglected adults" protected adults under the Adult Protection Act
  In Labrador Grenfell Health, there is a regional intake process for the Community Support Program. To start the process to access community supports services in Labrador-Grenfell, call their toll-free number: 1-833-284-4571
Plan your future: aging in place. This short video talks about the importance of home and neighbourhood. Video transcript is included.    

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