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Date updated: June 29, 2022


ABC Life Literacy Canada


ABC Life Literacy Canada

Resource materials related to digital literacy, financial literacy, and life skills such as motivation and stress management.
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Activate Learning program, which is responsive to the unique population of Newfoundland and Labrador and the
Confidence workshop


WHO – Canadians who aren’t comfortable using the Internet with the knowledge they need to get started.

WHAT – The program consists of free workbooks and downloadable resources to help new Internet users learn how to use the Internet.

“With ABC Internet Matters, adult and senior Canadians will develop a basic understanding of what the internet is, how to access it, and how to stay safe online.”

New! ABC Internet Matters Searching safely online (2022)
ABC Internet Matters workbook (2020)
ABC Internet Matters: Getting around with Google Maps
ABC Internet Matters: Creating strong passwords
ABC Internet Matters: Staying safe online with secure websites
ABC Internet Matters: Helping you get the confidence to go online (2017)
ABC Internet Matters online facilitator training.
Money Matters: E-transfers
Money Matters for People with Diverse Abilities: Money Safety workbook (English only)
Money Matters: What is e-banking?
Youth Teaching Adults lesson plans
Canadian Bankers Association: Your Money Seniors program This free, non-commercial financial literacy seminar program for senior Canadians helps you learn more about how to manage your money in retirement, avoid financial abuse and prevent financial fraud.
Canadian Bankers Association: Financial Wellness resources and information
Canadian Bankers Association: Cyber Security Toolkit With a cyber hygiene checklist and tips on how to spot common scams, this toolkit helps you protect against online financial fraud.

ABC Life Literacy Canada

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