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Date updated: July 26, 2021

Cooking with Alzheimer’s: A Caregiver’s Guide

The Benefits of Cooking with Alzheimer’s: A Caregiver’s Guide Culinary put together this comprehensive guide. What You Will Find in This Guide: -Cognitive and Health Benefits of Cooking for Someone with Alzheimer’s -Emotional Benefits of Cooking for Someone with Alzheimer’s -How to Make Cooking a Safe and Enjoyable Experience for Someone with Alzheimer’s -Eating with Alzheimer’s:…

Resources on Client, Patient & Resident Safety (Publications from Central Health)

Patient safety is very important at Central health. Safety Brochures are available to all clients, patients and residents at Central Health: Assistive Devices Hip Protectors Home Safety Check Medication Information Card Medication Safety Mobility Aids Patient Safety Booklet Preventing Blood Clots Stop the Clot Checklist Surgical Site Infection Taking Steps to Avoid Falls Vitamin D…

Sex over Fifty: Best Sex in Years (AIDS Committee NL)

Normalizing sexuality is one of the purposes of the AIDS Committee NL (ACNL). The Aging Working Group’s vision: to help our aging population become more comfortable about talking about their sexual health with their partners, their physicians and health professionals. Booklets are available in hard copy at ACNL or online (as a blog attached to…

Older Adults and Depression: Learn the Signs and Find Treatment

Older Adults: Do you feel very tired, helpless, and hopeless? Have you lost interest in many of the activities and interests you previously enjoyed? Are you having trouble working, sleeping, eating, and functioning? Have you felt this way day after day? If you answered yes, you may be experiencing depression.

Visits With Health Professionals

Form with checklists for seniors and others to use prior to and during visit with a health professional. Revised with appreciation by SeniorsNL from Community Centre Alliance and Literacy Nova Scotia’s interactive newspaper, The Learning Beacon.

Easy, Tasty… Nutritious: Healthy Eating for Healthy Aging

As people age, healthy eating is extremely important to keeping good health and independence. The focus of the guide is on planning, shopping, cooking healthy meals, eating alone, using leftovers, and having an emergency food shelf. Many of the recipes that can be found in the guide were tested in kitchens right here in Newfoundland…

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