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Date updated: October 24, 2023

Self Care for the Caregiver

Self Care 2023 This brochure is formatted to print. The pages are not in reading order if viewed online. This brochure is part of our Caregiver Information Series supported by Petro-Canada Caremakers Foundation

Dementia Care Action Plan- Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

Health and Community Services March 30, 2023 The Provincial Government has launched the three-year Dementia Care Action Plan for Newfoundland and Labrador. The plan aims to increase awareness, improve supports and services for those living with dementia and their care partners, and improve the capacity of the workforce to better support individuals living with the disease. The…

Vaccines for Older Adults Pamphlet

Why Vaccines Are Important to Enable Healthy Ageing COVID-19 Vaccine Influenza Vaccine (Flu Shot) Pneumococcal (Pneumonia) Vaccine Shingles Vaccine Tetanus and Diphtheria Vaccine Speak to your Health Care Provider Vaccines+for+Older+Adults+Pamphlet


This popular SeniorsNL original document provides a series of checklists for seniors to consider when thinking about staying where they are or moving. SeniorsNL Seniors Housing Transitions 2022

Violence Prevention Initiative. Respect Aging

The Respect Aging project was designed to educate and train various audiences in the recognition, prevention and intervention of violence against older persons. The Respect Aging training materials are meant to provide information, resources and tools for anyone who interacts with older persons affected by or likely to experience violence.  If you have any questions…

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