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Date updated: June 7, 2023

Adult Leisure, Learning, and Technology – Recreation – City of St. John’s

The City of St. John’s provides The City Guide to residents four times a year (November, February, May and August). This  provides information on the city’s seasonal recreation programs, seasonal events, and initiatives.

This Season the City of St. John’s will offer [at cost] courses in:

  • Technology Workshops for 18+ (requires registration)
  • LifeLong Learners for 50+ and Adult Leisure and Learning for 18+ Courses (requires registration):
  • Seniors Social Time
  • There are other Craft activities, Card games (NEW), and Bridge games  held at the Mews and PRCC.
    • Register in person or online.
    • Most of these Courses will be held at PRCC, Paul Reynold’s Community Centre, 35 Carrick Drive.
    • One Social Time will be held at the Mews with other activities at Southland or Bannerman.
  • Note: Registration will no longer take place over the phone. Registration will occur either in person at the H.G.R. Mews Community Centre, 40 Mundy Pond Rd. or at Paul Reynold’s Community Centre, 35 Carrick Drive
    OR Online Registration> Quick links> RECconnect
    ​Your account must be activated 72 hrs before the event.
  • This and last season`s editions now available (see link below)


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