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Date updated: August 25, 2023

Connections for Seniors (St. John’s Shelter and Support)

Connections for Seniors, a non-profit agency in St. John’s, provides temporary shelter and supportive services for older men, older women, or older couples who are 55 years of age and older and facing homelessness or in crisis.

They help seniors navigate complex systems linked to health, housing, legal, and financial matters (Community Outreach).

NOTE: For medical transportation, a senior has to do an intake and be a CFS client. They do not do one-off appointments and this service is primarily for those individuals who need a CFS staff person to attend the medical meeting with them (for advocacy, to take notes, etc.)

ELIGIBILITY – POPULATION SERVED: Connections for Seniors provides supportive services for older men, older women, or older couples 55 years of age and older facing homelessness or in crisis

CONTACT:  Connections for Seniors Intake (ie. for seniors needing their services): Ashley: 709-699-3063 or E-Mail Address:

CONTACT:  Emergency Food Delivery, Friendly Calls, Volunteering, Donating Food and other supplies 

Telephone: 709-727-8081 for emergency food delivery and/or hamper delivery to seniors (55+).

Connections for Seniors offers emergency food deliveries – hampers from food banks and prepared meals (when available, depending on funding). This service is for seniors who cannot leave their home due to illness, transportation barriers, impaired mobility, and other challenges. Also provides support with grocery shopping if needed.
Referral or self-referral.

Eligibility: 55+ in St. John’s (including the Goulds), Mount Pearl, Paradise, CBS, Flatrock, and Pouch Cove.
CONTACT (phone or text): Christopher at 709-727-8081 for emergency food delivery.
Friendly Visiting Program – operating as a Friendly Telephone Visit Service. For more information:
Christopher at 727-8081
Volunteer & Food Security Program Coordinator

If someone wants to volunteer for Connections for Seniors, they can also contact Christopher (see above)

For people interested in donating to CFS or for general info on CFS, call: Christopher at 727-8081



Housing Stability Support Worker, Maria at 709-770-5015



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