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Date updated: August 31, 2023

Eastern Health. Community Supports Program

The services provided under the Community Supports Program (CSP) focus on supporting individuals, families, and care providers by promoting independence, community inclusion, safety, and overall well-being.

Intake provided for:

  • Financial Assessment Services
  • Home Support Program
  • Special Assistance Program (Provincial Program Intake through CSP)
  • Long term care options counselling (Long term care or Personal care home)
  • Assessment for personal care home and long term care placement
  • Supports for “neglected adults” protected adults under the Adult Protection Act
  • Requests for Respite Care
  • Public/community health nurse services such as:
    • Acute care services and post-acute care follow up
    • Wound management services

Referrals to the CSP can be made by the individual or their family, as well as a health care professional. The professional CSP team will determine eligibility for service.

If you or a loved one wishes to access residential long-term care you may contact a community health office.



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