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Date updated: May 8, 2019

Huddol – Platform run by the Canadian Caregiver Network (CCN)

Huddol – Learn from the wisdom of the Huddol community. Huddol is a platform run by the Canadian Caregiver Network (“CCN”), a registered non-profit organization in Montreal, Canada. Huddol is for people over 13 years of age.

  • Find help. Offer help.
    • Collaborate with health professionals and people like you to problem solve and share helpful advice.
  • Huddol rewards positive impact
    • Earn Huddol tokens when you contribute helpful guidance and support.
  • You have to Join (currently for free) to access a Desktop version or App (mobile application)
    • Join groups (“Communities”)
    • Follow topics (“Topics”)
    • Vote and benefit from rewards (“Rewards”) and
    • Access related resources and tools.


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