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Date updated: May 13, 2020

Multicultural Women’s Organization of Newfoundland and Labrador

Multicultural Women’s Organization of NL (MWONL) delivers services to facilitate the integration and full participation of women and their families in the community.

UPDATE: COVID-19   May 12 2020 
-Multicultural Women’s Organization of NL has closed their office and in-person activities.

-MWONL will continue to provide support to those who need it (individuals and families).

-Staff is working home and will still be accessible during working hours by e-mail.

-Staff has been reaching out to seniors and other members by phone calls or by e-mail

-MWONL developing ways to keep the community connected through virtual means:

**********Virtual Classes see
***********​Example – Virtual Art Class for Adults on May 13TH

MWONL Seniors and Women’s Groups and  Adults meet regularly to cook together and discuss issues of interest in the community. Works to increase social interaction, spoken english and community/social integration. Groups are free or at a low cost.Social media:
MWONL Facebook

TCCA (Trans-Cultural Competency Awareness) Training is designed for human services providers of non-profit, business and government organizations and others to help them offer more effective services to the immigrant population of our province.
 Fees: for the Full/half Workshops are offered (group of 10 or more preferred).
Please contact for details.


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