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Date updated: March 18, 2020

St. John’s Tool Library

NOTE: Closed until further notice due to outbreak

Do you have tools out now? Hold onto (use) them until the Tool Library re-opens with NO late fees.

Questions or Concerns:

The St. John’s Tool Library provides access to tools you, your family, and your community need, when you need them.

The Tool Library is there to help those just starting their first project or veteran DIYers.

Fees: There is an annual membership fee under three categories of members. There may be usage fees depending on the membership package you purchase. There are also late fees.

Members can borrow tools they need – from small items like screwdrivers, to larger items like table saws. Membership gives access to a broad inventory of equipment – from lawn mowers to power drills, from stud finders to table saws, from gardening shovels to soldering irons.


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