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Date updated: April 8, 2023

Daily Living – Resources to Help Your Clients (for Service Providers)

COVID-19: Resources for seniors and their caregivers

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We have pulled together information for you that others, like you, have requested over the years. In fact, we have combined seemingly different requests together to identify the larger category of Daily Living.

Daily living services and resources are related to enabling a senior to stay in his/her own home.

SeniorsNL has an Information and Referral Service where volunteer seniors respond to phone calls, e-mails and online requests. We have developed lists of businesses and other organizations that provide services in the seniors’ home or the community (often for a fee).

Do you need foot care? Do you want to know who will come to your home?

Accessible taxis? We have a list.

Do you need home blood collection?

Home maintenance or Home accessibility (e.g. installing ramps, grab bars, etc.).

Are Home-delivered meals available in your town?

Where to find Information about Emergency Alarm Systems and Medical Alert Systems

We cannot list everything here… just contact us!

We can even help you search the yellow pages or other directories.

NOTE: SeniorsNL does not have any direct experience with these companies and does NOT recommend or endorse one company over another.

It is important to get several quotes and ask for and check a company’s references before hiring their services.

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