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Date updated: April 21, 2023

We Love our Volunteers!

Volunteers contribute so much to the success of SeniorsNL

In fact, we would not be able to reach across this province without them or answer inquiries from seniors, family members, friends and service providers!

There are many opportunities for volunteering with us and we can match you to the kind of experience you want that will be rewarding for you and valuable to us! We welcome interested individuals from across the province.

We are flexible and will work around the other things you do!

Some opportunities are available for volunteers. Some positions require training. All positions require a Certificate of Conduct and Vulnerable Sector Check. These are at no cost to the volunteer.

The following positions may be available.

  • Information and Referral Services Peer Support Volunteers-Recruiting NOW- specifically we are most interested in recruiting at least one senior who speaks French that would be able to volunteer a 1/2 day, minimum, for our Information and Referral Services. This position will remain open until we fill it.
  • Volunteer Work Placements/Internships
  • Friends of Seniors NL- for all ages

Information and Referral Services Peer Support Volunteers

Seniors or those concerned about seniors, contact us with questions such as how to access home support services; where to get help with home repairs; problems with pensions and income tax; concerns about issues such as transportation or elder abuse. The aim of our Information and Referral Services is to put seniors and those that support them in touch with services and resources that can help them. Those who answer inquiries are Peer Support Volunteers, seniors 50+. They require training that is approximately 3 months and this includes shadowing and working alongside a current volunteer.

CLICK  HERE  for the full job description and requirements

Friends of SeniorsNL

This newest volunteer opportunity only involves linking older adults and those that support them to SeniorsNL Information & Referral Line where they can get the information they need to make informed decisions. This volunteer opportunity allows you, as a Friend of SeniorsNL, to perform a valuable service to the older adults in your community by allowing a broader audience of seniors to connect with us for information and support.

We provide the Friends of SeniorsNL with business cards containing our contact information that they can distribute during opportunities that they feel require a referral. Business cards will also have the name of the Friend printed on them to show which friend the referral came from. Friends of SeniorsNL will also have opportunities to attend any presentations and/or workshops we might have in their communities.

Friends of SeniorsNL do not have to be seniors themselves. Rather, this is an intergenerational opportunity to engage people of any age in helping to support the well-being and independence of older adults.

If Interested in being a Friend of SeniorsNL please contact us

Community Peer Support Volunteers

Community Peer Support Volunteers provide information and referral services at the local levels, in their community. We currently have volunteers in 55 communities across the province. These trained Volunteers offer a unique and valuable service through friendly listening and empathy. Some of the types of assistance that Community Peer Support Volunteers might provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying seniors in the community who are in need of information about services and resources
  • Communicating effectively with seniors and supporting them on request, to determine and prioritize their needs
  • Providing information about available services and resources from own knowledge and/or from resource material provided by SeniorsNL
  • Exploring options with a senior and encouraging him/her to set goals and develop a plan of action
  • Assisting seniors to access services if requested and able to do so

If Interested in joining our provincial team please contact us

Volunteer Work Placements/Internships-

Contact us to see if a placement with us would fit your requirements and interest. We have accepted students from MUN, CONA, private Colleges, and Canadian Universities. A Certificate of Conduct and Vulnerable Sector Check is required.

For these and other current volunteer opportunities that may be available that are not listed here please contact us 

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